Meena was looking back on past breakfast posts the other night and fondly remembered our little early morning quesadilla from a couple weeks back.

Given that strong endorsement, I figured I'd give it another whirl this morning. So before Meena got up, I ran out to Pacific Green and nabbed a couple ingredients. Once back, I got rolling with the following:
- pickled red onion (blanched red onion, lime juice and salt)
- poblano pepper
- flour tortilla
- fontina cheese
- eggs
- salsa
- chorizo

Even though the onions are really strong with their citrus punch, this thing was a wonderful mix of flavors. Meaty, rich chorizo with eggs and lime drenched onions? Awesome. The only thing I forgot was a little sour cream, but honestly, this thing survived just fine without.

On to some football!!

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