We had a pretty lazy Brooklyn day. We got the report from Milwaukee that our parents' first meeting was a rousing success. No surprise. We wished we could have been there, but alas, we aren't made of money and airline tickets.

Anyway, our stroll through the hood included a stop at Paisanos on Smith for some assorted sausages. We decided we'd finally fire up the grill tonight and the first meal would be assorted sausages with grilled peppers and onions. Does it get any better? Nah.

Meena had:
- chicken sausage with tomato and garlic

Alec had:
- lamb sausage with red wine

We also split an additional link:
- chicken sausage with chipotle peppers

Smoky sausage with peppers, onions, mustard and a grilled bun? Sheesh. Throw in a Snapperhead IPA and you've got yourself the perfect Sunday night.


claudia said...

if that's a hot dog bun it's over between us

alec said...

oh it was. and it was oh, so ... not messing with my sausage! Who wants some crazy, crunchy, whole wheat artisan thing when the real focus is the sausage?!?

claudia said...

me me me. i want an italian roll that has a little bit o crust to it - but white as can be. period.