We were really treated to some special stuff last night. Our friend Matt (aka, the Daily Worker) had James, D, his sister and the two of us over for an amazing little meal he whipped up.

This was our first time at Matt's East Village abode and it was pretty much fantastic from start to finish.

We got things going with delicious little wheels of polenta and a pesto Matt picked up from a secret spot. The pesto was amazing. I think it was jalapeƱo, cilantro and walnut? Whatever it was, it was awesome.

The next phase was a cilantro and bean soup that was pretty much perfect. The flavor was stellar. Matt was essentially acting like a flavor DJ at this point ... making perfect transitions from one dish to the next.

The main course was Asian inspired and it came out just as great as the first two offerings. He did salmon fillets with a honey and soy glaze, asparagus with a mustard vinaigrette and sweet potatoes with olive oil and pumpkin pie spice.


And just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, D made sure we were totally stuffed and completely content with a banana bread pudding that was ... amazing. It was seriously one of the best desserts I've had anywhere for a very long time. Restaurants be damned - D is number one in the dessert game. She topped it off with some soy ice cream for Matt and boy oh boy. Perfect.

Awesome night. Good vinyl, great friends, tons of wine, a KITCHEN TABLE, amazing food, a sink full of dirty dishes and about 3.2 million laughs.

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daily worker said...

Looks like a great time, but probably resulted in the use of a gross of paper towels.