So that thing up there is pizza. Just in case you're wondering. Because I'm sure you are.

Anyway, we went to Lucali last night as soon as I got home for some wine and Carroll Gardens' (or Cobble Hill's for that matter) finest pizza pie. It's only Thursday, but it's already been a long week and it just felt right to run out and do the romantic BYOB pizza thing on a Wednesday night.

So we did. And it was lovely.

We didn't get crazy with toppings last night. Meena wanted pepperoni and I wanted basil. So we had a pepperoni and basil pie.

We then proceeded to eat every bite.

I didn't feel any remorse when the forks hit the table. I bite my thumb at you, gluttony! What fun is life if you can't throw fatty Italian sausages in there once in a while? No fun, I say.

I have another event for MJ tonight, so tomorrow's post will be rather weak. Stay tuned!

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