I gotta be honest. My food doesn't look all that appetizing. It was good. I promise. But for some reason ... it just looks ... less than edible.

So I got home late because my friend Ben finally moved to New York and we went out for some drinks to celebrate the fact he's here. It was weird and over in Hell's Kitchen, but it's always good to see Ben and I'm super excited he's here.

Meena was kind enough to go ahead and order the best Joya had to offer before I got home. So when I walked in the door, we were ready to rock.

Meena had:
- chicken pad thai (kinda spicy)

Alec had:
- beef with basil (super spicy)

Meena is always nice enough to ask for my food super spicy, but it rarely comes out that way. They must think we're not able to handle it. Little do the know, I crave the heat.

Anyway, as always, it was great.

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