We're mirroring Last Night's Dinner with this three nights of pork thing, but it's totally unintentional. And believe me, their choices are far more refined than ours. We're rocking tacos and bbq. It's not that serious.

So as you can see, I took some crappy photos of our tacos last night. I thought my camera was dead (it wasn't) so I just took a camera phone shot to make sure we had everything documented. Sorry, friends.

Meena stopped by the California taco joint on the way home and picked up some guacamole and salsa. The two salsas (verde and fresca) were nice. The guac was a little bland, but not bad.

I threw some canned salsa, a little white vinegar and cayenne pepper into the warmed up pork for a little added kick.

Then we just added some flour tortillas, fresh avocado and low fat sour cream.

Meena had two and I had three (I'm fat). It was awesome.

I wonder what we'll do with it tonight?


Amy said...

"It's not that serious." I beg to differ. This sounds delicious.

alec said...

It was delicious! I just often feel like our food isn't presented in that flawless style Jen uses. Most of that is because I'm not nearly as good a cook and the other part is due to our crappy camera situation. But hey, we try! Thanks so much for the props!