Tonight we had good food, but for a second week in a row, I watched my Colts lose. Sad. Tonight they beat themselves and it was massively depressing. Adam could have won it, but it's not all his fault. The whole team played like crap.

Oh well.

Today we had threw a pork butt in the oven and braised it until it was nice and tender. Here's what I threw in:
- apple juice
- red wine
- water
- salt
- white onion

It came out perfect. The meat fell right off the bone and everything was juicy and delicious.

I reserved about half of it for the week and the other half we mixed up with some barbecue sauce and plopped it on a bun. BBQ sandwiches, y'all!

I roasted some veggies with it and it went like this:
- carrots
- brussels sprouts
- sun dried tomatoes
- white onion
- honey
- salt
- olive oil

Veggies came out perfect. Moist and sweet. With a little savory kick from that sea salt. Awesome.

I should check out last night's dinner for ideas on how to use the rest of this. Or maybe I'll just spend all my free time tomorrow dreaming up ways. That sounds more fun. I'll do that.

Good food. Damn Colts.

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