I was at another Men's Journal event last night and subsequently got home rather late. It was a crazy fun event, but I didn't eat much and probably had a few too many patron drinks for a Thursday night. We had to stay late and clean though, so what did you expect?!?

Anyway, Meena had picked up some Cube 63 before I got home and as always, she enjoyed her spread very much.

She had:
- shrimp shumai
- lobster tempura
- clinton roll

I didn't have quite the same experience. I was going to order something but I didn't have any cash. Things looked grim. And my tummy was rumbling.

So I set out on a mission to scour our cabinets for ANYTHING.

Turns out we had some more of our roasted pork and a couple chicken chipotle sausages. I ended up making a mish mash that eventually produced two half sandwiches ... one pork bbq with hoisin and the other contained hoisin and sausage.

Again, I was a little tipsy, so whatever. I wanted food and I found some. Nothing special. Just ... food.

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