After a very long week (I know I say that a lot, but this was a monster. Mad annoying on many fronts), we decided that some chic Korean in Park Slope was in order. We'd had our eye on this spot for a couple weeks and we just figured it was time to pull the trigger on Moim.

Before we left, Meena got us started with some snackies. Chicken meatballs with pineapple and soy, crab cakes and a little cheese spread. Everything was picked up from Chop Chop on Smith. Very nice.

After our snacks, we trudged through the cold and gross weather over to Park Slope and the second we walked in, all felt right with the world.

We started with the traditional Korean sides and then worked into the mains. Alec had:
- dol sot bi bim bop (in a hot stone rice bowl with vegetables & bul-go-ki

Meena had:
- dae ji kalbi (grilled spicy pork spare ribs with Korean sweet potato and cucumber salad)

Everything was awesome. My bi bim bop was one of the best I've had and Meena's was just decadent. Grilled pork spare ribs with sweet, spicy sauce? Awesome.

The sweet potatoes in her dish were odd. They were sticky and crispy, but for some reason, they were served in a bowl of ice water? Odd. And at the end, they were soggy and cold. They were great when hot, though.

The decor was funny. Why do all Asian places need to be so modern? I'm not complaining. The place looked great. Just sayin'. It's a funny trend.

Sorry for no photos. I forgot. At the end, it was just bowls. Didn't think that would be all that appetizing. So you got their business card. Sorry!

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