Failure is a harsh title, but it's true. I didn't cook last night. I gave into the mounting pressure at work and simply couldn't come through when the going got tough. Sorry, dudes, but I just had to go with the flow and call in Cube 63 after the day I had. Historically, my business slows to a snail's pace this close the the holiday, but this year has proven very different. We're busier than we've been in months.

Anyway, Dan and Steve came by for a little food, wine and fun with the Wii before we all hit the road for the holidays.

I'd attempt to describe all the sushi that entered our lives last night but it was just too much. From lovely jewel toned bits of tuna to steamy and succulent shrimp shumai, we were treated to the Japanese equivalent of a slam dunk. Or a touchdown. Choose your sport. What do you call it when you win in curling? I don't know, but I'm sure the feeling you get is equal to the feelings we had when we consumed all of Cube 63's amazing creations. Awesome.

I failed in the cooking realm, but maybe I can change that when I get to Wisconsin. I doubt Florida will see much cooking. But Mrs. Roell has a great kitchen. Maybe I'll get to work a little in the great white north.

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