Couple things to mention here. First and foremost, Meena got a new job! She's still a nasty, but she'll be a few floors up at Glamour from now on. Pretty awesome, Meena. Pretty awesome indeed.

Second, she had a SELF department dinner tonight so I was all on my own for feeding time. I was able to resist the temptation to take my leftover skirt steak for lunch tonight because I anticipated not wanting to really get down with an elaborate dinner.

So I just threw together a quick sandwich. Nothing fancy, just leftovers:
- skirt steak
- chimichurri
- brie
- whole grain flat bread

I wasn't expecting much, but that combination of steak and some garlic heavy cilantro paste? Yeesh, man. That's some good stuff. And the cheese just made it even more rich and delicious. I'm sure it was bad for me, but you know what they say ... live a little, right?

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