Last night was the beginning of the bitter, bitter cold. That horrible wind that sweeps through your jacket and chills you to the bone? You know that one? Well we got it.

So we figured some warm sandwiches and a couple quick greens would be the best way to go from icy to cozy and content.

First I got the sandwiches together:
- tomato sauce
- fresh mozzarella
- grilled onions
- olive oil
- roast beef
- turkish delight bread
- salt
- dried basil
- crushed red pepper

I threw those suckers under the broiler for a few minutes and we were in business. Delicious, warm and comfortable business.

While those were under the flame, I quickly did up some veggies to accompany our meal:
- snap peas
- onion
- black sesame seeds
- rice wine vinegar
- shiitake mushrooms
- salt
- crushed red pepper

I think everything turned out well. I probably didn't do the peas long enough. I like them crunchy, but I could have gone a little further. I'll refine that one though. The flavor was on. Just need to try it again.

And that Turkish bread ... man. Very good. I don't know how I've managed to keep walking past it in the store. It's amazing!

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Amy said...

Hooooly moly, that is one fine-looking meal. I'm all warm inside just looking at it. :)