Sorry for the long drought. We were in Milwaukee last weekend for some wedding planning stuff. We got in late on Friday and then after a few delayed flights, got back to NYC late Monday night. Food highlights? I had a nice duck breast on Saturday night at the River Site in Mequon. I had a Spotted Cow with lunch in Kohler. That was about it though. I did eat lots of fun foods out of the Roell's pantry though.

Well anyway, when we got home after our first day of work back at the office, it was late and we were both tired. Really tired. No cooking for us, dudes.

The last time we called in Cube 63, the food was terrible. Luckily, it was a momentary lapse, because last night was some of the best delivery we've ever had. I don't know why, but for some reason, it was just amazing.

Meena had:
- 63 roll
- lobster tempura roll
- shrimp shumai

Alec had:
- miso soup
- hawaii roll
- salmon roll

Meena's was great. She gets those with some regularity so no big surprises there. I traded for one of the 63 rolls and I have to agree. Really delicious spicy tuna roll topped with lobster salad? I mean ... yeah. Perfect.

My Hawaii roll was all star champ of my life. It was some sort of spicy crab topped with sweet shrimp. And my salmon roll was plump and delicious. Not one of those lame tuna rolls with a piece of fish the size of a paper clip. They went big on the fish and light on the rice. Excellent.

We knocked it all down while watching Indiana defeat Purdue. It was no fun getting home after 8:00 but I must say ... everything else was pretty much perfect.

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