Because we did our Valentines day celebration last night, we decided to stay home and make a little dinner for the actual holiday. In the end, I couldn't be happier with the way it all worked out.

On the way home we picked up some salmon and when I got home, I got started with the good old "season the pan and flip once" method. The dish included:
- salmon
- salt
- olive oil
- red cabbage
- white onion
- spinach
- red curry powder
- crushed red pepper
- allspice
- black paddlefish caviar

We also started the whole meal off with a little of that caviar and some St. Andre cheese. Oh, and a glass of champagne, too!

The fish was perfect. The cabbage/spinach mixture was pretty spicy, but we really loved it. I underestimated how spicy the curry was. Whatever, we both enjoyed every bite. The caviar went perfectly with the crispy crust on the salmon and the silky meat on the inside of each fillet.

We finished off the meal with a lovely set of desserts Meena picked up. One was a little lemon tart and the other was a massive almond mocha thing.

We're off to Milwaukee for the weekend. We might not have updates until Monday ... stay tuned!

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