Last year we started a new Valentines Day tradition - don't eat out on Valentines Day. It's just that when you go out on that most romantic of holidays, you end up paying a lot of money for food that's not as good. You get some weird menu that inevitably has heart shaped beef wellington on it.

So we don't do the 14th. We stick with the 13th whenever possible and this year we decided Bocca Lupo would be the best option for us. I know. We were just there on Saturday. And we really did have good intentions of going to Cafe On Clinton for something new, but in the end, we just decided we had to ... go with our hearts. Bocca Lupo is just too good.

We had a total feast. We started with a lovely cheese plate that had a couple really great offerings on it. We then kept it almost identical to our meal on Saturday. Meena had:
- veal and porcini meatballs
- rigatoni with squash and tomato and gorganzola (and lots of parsley)

Alec had very similar bruschetta offerings:
- warm mushrooms with mascarpone
- creamy leek and truffled cheese
- butternut squash and crispy pancetta
- cannellini mash and olive tapenade

And of course, we topped it all off with the banana and nutella panini. It was awesome. It was romantic. It was relaxing and perfect. Happy Valentines Day, y'all!

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Stephen said...

Woah! Déjà vu! (Sans the dan and steveo). Well - you know a good thing when you have it!

Happy Valentine's Day Alec and Meena!