I'd say it's becoming fairly evident we're a steak and potato crew over here. When the skirt steak was coming off the pan last night, Meena stopped and said, "I've been eating an insane amount of steak lately." It's true. She has. I'm not where she is on the red meat count, but I too feel like I've been heavily involved with the red meat as of late.

Last night I got home late so when I got started in the kitchen, Meena had already started up a lovely side dish inspired by her potatoes from Chestnut the other night. She included:
- baby yukon gold potatoes
- bleu cheese
- white onion
- honey
- salt
- black pepper

I didn't need to do much with the skirt steak. Just a little salt and pepper and a nice sear. That was it. I threw a little sauce together, too. Same one Meena liked the other night:
- balsamic vinegar
- wild porcini mushrooms
- olive oil
- water

And obviously a little watercress for garnish. I love watercress.

The meal was nice. Meena didn't think the potatoes were right but I loved them. TONS of flavor going on with those dudes.

The steak was solid. I think we both decided we like other cuts better, but skirt steak is fast and cheap. So you know. It makes it in here sometimes.

Solid meal on a cold and miserable night.

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