Here's a new one for you. Pizza delivery! We never, NEVER do pizza delivery but for some reason, Meena had the foresight to call Layla for a delivery pie.

I had to hit Williamsburg to hang with some friends for a few and discuss work, but when I walked in the door, Meena was ready with some fantastic pizza and a delicious chopped salad.

I'm not entirely sure if it was the two drinks I had before I got home or if it was just the fact that Layla was delicious, but I was totally in love with everything about last night's meal.

We got a "grande" pizza with sausage, red bell pepper and onion.

And a small chopped salad with lots of feta, olives and onions.

I'll be honest. It wasn't the best pizza ever. But it really hit the spot. And now that I know this is possible, I'll probably crave it once in a while.

I think I'll go have some for breakfast.

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