I'm going to go ahead and admit a moderate amount of failure on this one. It was good but it wasn't great due to one major issue - the steak was too salty.

See, I followed this guide I saw on the Grocery Guy to really get the moisture out of my steak with a whole bunch of salt. It it looked like it was working. The NY strip I picked up seemed to have dried out and I was all set to grill it up on high heat and get a great crust.

The problem was, that salt didn't go away and the whole thing was just too damn salty!

I think next time I'll try and wash it off? I figured the moisture would mess with my style, but it can't taste like that! And I should also start two days ahead of time. I only did this in a day.

Anyway, in addition to this steak, we had some olive oil mashed potatoes from Jamie Oliver's book:
- potato
- olive oil
- parmesan

I also threw a little porcini sauce over the steak:
- wild porcini
- water
- balsamic vinegar
- olive oil

So it wasn't a bad dinner, but salt really came close to ruining it. But that's what happens when you mess around in the kitchen. Sometimes you get great results ... sometimes you don't. I'll keep working. This one is worth tweaking.

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