Dan spent the week in London so he and Steve came on by for a little catching up and dinner in the neighborhood last night. I'm not sure if it rained while he was in London, but it certainly rained like we were on that soggy island last night. Thus the title. Sorry Dan.

Anyway, we thought it best to hit Boca Lupo last night because it was cold, threatening rain (when we left) and the place is literally steps away from us.

Another really strong choice. A weekend with both Chestnut and Boca Lupo? I'm doing something right. That's the kind of one two punch that seriously reminds you how wonderful your life is sometimes.

We ordered a real mish mash of food, but I'll break down the stuff Meena and I picked up first. Meena had:
- some sort of creamy pasta that was a special for the evening
- veal and porcini meatballs

Alec had an assortment of bruschetta:
- creamy leek and truffled cheese
- butternut squash and crispy pancetta
- cannellini mash and olive tapenade
- sausage and something else I can't remember

Oh, my. It was all very, very wonderful.

Oh, I almost forgot. We started with a cheese plate. You know how cheese plates are always good but never like ... mind blowing? This one was mind blowing. For me. I'm not sure anyone else loved it as much as me, but from the truffled one to the fruity one to the manchego-like one ... whooo weeee. Heaven by the slice, friends.

Dan had been before and he enjoyed his meal. It was Steveo's first trip and I think he was down as well. We finished the whole thing off with one of those nutella and banana panini things. It tastes a bit of donut, but it's seriously amazing.

I've said it many times before, but Boca Lupo ... don't ever change. I love you just the way you are.

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