Last night was my last chance at making dinner before I flew out to Colorado so I wasn't just going to go down without a fight and succumb to the delivery route. I had to wield the knife and get the pans hot if I was going to leave feeling OK about the state of our kitchen.

I can't really remember but I feel like this is sort of based on something I saw on Last Night's Dinner? I think. Anyway, I didn't remember exactly what she did but I remembered the photo so I just made my own and tried to make it look a little like hers. I don't think I did a very good job on that front, but this was quite delicious so I'm not suggesting failure here.

Anyway, Meena had to work LATE so I waited as long as I could and then just got cookin' in the kitchen. I made her a plate, but I was hungry so I had to get the foodz in the panz!

This was two dishes really and the first was a noodle salad. It featured:
- whole wheat linguine
- garlic
- carrot
- red cabbage
- red onion
- olive oil
- crushed red pepper

Then I just seared up the scallops with a little sea salt then threw some korean bbq sauce over the top:
- honey
- rice vinegar
- garlic
- soy sauce

I know it's not traditional Korean bbq but it's pretty similar! The taste was there anyway. The noodle salad was cold and a touch salty and the lovely scallops were touched by that sweet and garlicky sauce. For me ... that's just an ideal flavor combination.

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