Friday. Oh, lovely Friday night. I love Friday nights because it's just total relaxation. After a long week at the office, you can just kick back knowing you have NOTHING to do on Saturday and it feels amazing.

This particular Friday we went down to a bar that was being opened by the son of Meena's fashion director. I can't remember the name, but it's on 1st and 1st sorta and it was very nice. Very large. Whatever was there before, I always thought it was really small. But once you make it past the opening bar, it expands into a very elaborate space in the lower level. So that was fun.

Then Dan and Steve (who joined us at the first bar) were kind enough to roll with us to Lil' Frankie's for some of the best pizza in the world. I'm not sure we'd been since we left the hood for Brooklyn so it was nice to be back. Nothing had changed. And that's what's great about Lil' Frankie's. Also ... it's only been about 8 months. So I guess not much should have changed. Anyway, Meena and Dan both had:
- rigatoni with baby meatballs

Alec had:
- pizza marinara (you know it has no cheese, right? Yes, I know.)

And I can't remember what Steveo had. Hey, Steve, if you're reading this, can you post it? I remember you debating that four sided pie but I can't remember what you had. Must have been the wine. But anyway, it was all pretty awesome.

That pizza I get is just so wonderful. And it doesn't even have cheese! The sauce is just lovely and the garlic and peppers make it so simply perfect.

And Meena's ragu is so thick and rich and the meatballs are totally awesome when bathed in that rich tomato goodness.

Ah, Lil Frankie's, how I miss you so. Thanks for another great Friday night.

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