That's right. It's back!

We had a nice long day of nothing ahead of us (that's a lie because we had to go to the city to get Meena's hair cut and stuff) but we really didn't want to run out and buy ingredients for breakfast or anything. We had some stuff in the fridge and I was going to put it all together and make something edible. That much I was sure of.

Our sandwich went like this:
- assorted cheese (a bleu, a brie, some cheddar I think)
- egg
- salt
- tomato dipping oil
- turkish bread
- mustard

And then I whipped up a little green with some leftover brussels:
- brussels sprouts
- crushed red pepper
- olive oil

I wasn't expecting much, but this was all pretty good! I've even made Meena a FAN ... not just a casual eater, but a FAN of Brussels sprouts. Amazing work, Alec. Amazing work.

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