Meena was feeling better last night so I had the green light to get the lamb chops out of the fridge and fire up the kitchen.

Given our previous experience with the chops of lamb, I was super conservative about how I trimmed the fat off the meat before I applied any rubs or got even one pan heated. They were so coated in fat last time that I just knew I needed to get as much off as I could. I realize fat is necessary to great food, but last time was just insane.

Also, maybe this is just a well know fact. I don't know. Or maybe our butcher sucks. Again, I'm not sure. But I'm more or less going on trial and error here in the kitchen so forgive me. I'm just feelin' it out here.

Anyway, we started off with some cheese and bread while everything was getting ready. It was a nice cheddar, a bleu and some smoky eggplant dip from the place down the street. The dip wasn't that good and it pretty much looked disgusting. But the cheese was delicious.

After the lamb was trimmed, I gave it a quick rub in:
- sea salt
- garlic
- olive oil
- paprika
- cumin
- cinnamon

Then she went onto the pan for a sear and then into the oven to finish. It came out perfect and just a touch over medium rare. Medium I guess. Anyway, it was nice.

Meena also made some olive oil and garlic couscous. It went with the meat well. We had thought about an orzo, but went with the couscous instead. I think it was a good call.

And finally, we had some brussels sprouts. Just cooked them in the oven with a little honey and salt. Probably a touch overdone but they were still nice.

In the end, I think it was a pretty solid meal. Still a little too much fat for Meena, but she did like the "clean" bites. It might be a minute before we do these again, but we'll be back. Fear not, lamb chops.

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