Meena was suffering from one of her most excruciating headaches yesterday so our plan to make a little dinner fell by the wayside. I gave her carte blanche to choose whatever was going to make her feel human – and she went with some good old fashioned Joya. I can’t blame her. What’s more comfortable than some old school Thai delivery, right?

Pretty standard for the little lady:
- chicken pad thai (spicy)
- spring rolls

And I got this joint I’ve been having lately:
- moo kratiam
- tom yum koong

It’s some kind of pork with vegetables and a healthy handful of crushed red pepper. Mine was fire. And I mean that in a few ways. It was delicious … so fire meaning it was great. And it was also super hot … so fire meaning spicy. Just wanted to clarify that for you. In case you were wondering. You know?

Anyway, despite Meena’s horrible headache and the Yankee’s blowing another one, it was a nice night. The food was just as solid as always. And I won a new camera on eBay. So I’m feelin’ good about it all.

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