Last night I returned to the East Village to check out the opening night of the New York Underground Film Festival because they were showing a film from my friends at VICE called Heavy Metal In Baghdad. I've always felt like VICE was really progressive and told great stories masked in complete stupidity. Last night they cut out a bunch of the stupidity and just told a really amazing story. If you get a chance to check it out at any point, I'd highly recommend it.

Anyway, on to the food. While I was in the East Village with Matty Chaymez, he said I should get something I miss about the hood. I didn't have time for Lil' Frankies or Momofuku so I decided to just hit Cinderella Falafel! Quick, easy and delicious.

Nothing serious, I just had a gyro sandwich (note: photo is old ... actually from the East Village. But it still looked the same!)

While I was out, Meena called in some pad thai from Joya (note: again, photo is old but it's ok because Joya's pad thai is always the same).

All was wonderful. Tonight I have another Men's Journal event so it'll be some weird eating again. Sorry about that. But maybe I'll get something fun. Who knows?!?!

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