I had my previously mentioned event and it went very well. It was in the Meatpacking District and I couldn't wait to get out of there. The scene is pretty annoying over there but at least we had our party early and I was able to get out before it got too insane.

While I was away, Meena was kind enough to call in the services of our friends at Zaytoons. And they were kind enough to bring the good stuff.

Meena had:
- shawarma platter

Alec had:
- lamb kebab platter

Mine was awesome. Even after it was reheated once I arrived, it was still insanely good. Usually when you're required to warm something up, its quality goes way down - not my kebabs last night!

Meena also loved hers so I'd say the whole night was a success. And today is Friday. Which is amazing and I can't wait to cook something tonight and sit on our couch with a lineup of movies and a couple glasses of wine.

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