I'd been gone most of the week so when Friday afternoon rolled around, Meena and I were both pretty sure we wanted to stay home and kick it in the kitchen.

Meena got us started off right with a little salad she whipped up:
- scallops
- spinach
- bell pepper
- dressing (lemon, honey, soy sauce, salt and apple cider vinegar)

Meena felt like it was a little too acidic, but the scallops were seared perfectly and I loved them.

Next up was a little fish dish based on a little recipe I saw HERE. I mixed it up a little, however and did it with the following:
- flounder
- black sesame
- miso
- rice vinegar

And then I steamed it all in a miso broth:
- lemongrass
- shiitake
- miso
- red curry paste
- water
- soy sauce
- basil
- spinach

I have to be honest, I'm not a big fan of flounder. I didn't know that until I tasted this, but it's true - I'm not into it.

I liked the rest of the dish. The broth was nice and the layers of miso and fish were nice ... I just wasn't into the flavor of the fish. It was a little too ... chalky? I don't know. It was weird.

But I'll try this recipe again for sure. Just with a different fish. Something white and mild, just not flounder.


Bryce Tugwell said...

Yeah, Flounder has to be super fresh to be good. When we made that recipe, we had purchased the fish at a fish market right at the docks where we lived. It was really fresh. This recipe is really good with salmon though, you might like that better.

alec said...

thanks, bryce! I'll try that for round two.