Yesterday was awesome. Not only was it the beginning of a short week for us, it was also really, really warm outside. Unfortunately, we knew it was coming to an end. It was one of those freak 67 degree days that would be followed by 10 days of 40's and 50's so we figured we'd go out and celebrate with some Bocca Lupo.

We both shared a lovely cheese plate to start. I've had many cheese plates in my lifetime but I have to be honest - Bocca Lupo does it better than anyone. I'm not a super cheese snob or anything but these guys just really get it. Everything is always perfect.

Meena had:
- penne with anchovy, cauliflower and tomato
- veal and porcini meatballs

Alec had an assortment of bruschetta:
- butternut squash and crispy pancetta
- warm mushrooms and mascarpone
- sausage and fennel
- creamy leek and truffled cheese

So that was pretty amazing. And I know it sounds like a lot of food but it's not. All small bites.

Add to that an awesome Yankee's opening day win and we had a pretty amazing night.

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