I know what you're thinking ... this is almost the exact same thing you had last night, right? No? Ok. That's fair, too. But just so you know, I'm fully aware that we essentially just switched out one cut of meat for another. The thing is ... it was just SO good the previous night we had to do it again.

The salad was the exact same:
- kale
- ricotta salata
- lemon
- garlic
- salt
- black pepper
- olive oil

And the pork chop was pretty similar to the ribs with a couple small tweaks. The sauce featured:
- hoisin
- garlic
- thai red curry paste
- honey
- soy sauce

In addition to the sauce, I butterflied the chops and stuffed them with a little ricotta salata and apricot preserves. I gave them a quick sear on the stove and then finished them off in at 400 degree oven until they were done. And finally, I gave them a little trip under the broiler to give the top of the chops a little color.

Another complete success. The whole thing was perfect. The acidic dressing on the kale went perfectly with the rich and creamy pork chops. Everything looked really pretty and the flavors were just what we wanted.

I promise I won't make this again tonight, but man oh man ... I'm tempted.

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