That's right, it's more than just a burger. It's a Strassburger. And it's simply amazing, folks.

One of the last times we had salmon burgers over at Dan and Steve's, Dan did NOT play it conservative with the salmon. He gave us what can only be described as the most plentiful burger in the history of seafood burgers. I'm not saying it wasn't good. It was. It was just HUGE!

This time, Dan cut the portions back a little and just killed the flavor. And I mean that in a good way. He knocked it out of the park. I can't remember what he put in there (because we went on to drink copious amounts of wine on the back porch following our burger enjoyment), but suffice it to say, this little baby topped off with some cucumbers and a bit of chipotle mayo was out of this world.

In addition to the burger, Steve and Dan teamed up to build us a little cucumber salad with some nice bits of baby mozzarella and tomato.

This was an awesome meal. Perfect for a Friday night in the backyard, drinking wine and laughing a lot.

Thanks guys!

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Anonymous said...

As Dan's Dad and Mom, we have had the enjoyment of this salmon burger as well...awesome, son. Both the burger and the son. Last Friday, Dan and I shared our respective menus for dinner and I immediately fell jealous as he was creating his now-famous salmon burger and I was having, well, steak. Since then I have been having daily pangs of hunger for that delectible seafood feast in a bun. Alec, thanks for posting your comments. Now I'm even hungrier...though I didn't realize copious amounts of adult beverages were required garnish.