I forgot to take photos so forgive my Flickr theft, but I had to show you something from our most recent trip to Mercadito. Friday night was a pretty miserable, rainy mess, but we decided to meet up with a couple of Meena's friends from work and attack some chic Mexican like it was our job.

I can't even remember the spread we ordered up but it went a little something like this:
- guacamole tasting
- mole tacos
- steak tacos
- pibil tacos
- fried fish tacos

Pretty insane. It's amazing because the tacos are so small and you think you're eating next to nothing, but after a few bites, you realize you're stuffed. Totally. Completely. Stuffed.

But it was all SO good. The orange guacamole was the table favorite and we actually ordered a second round. It was really spicy, but whatever pepper they used really gave it FLAVOR on top of the heat and creamy butter pear.

I think the pibil tacos were my favorite. Meena liked the baja fried fish joint. But they were all good and if you're ever lucky enough to try Mercadito in NYC, you'll see what I'm talking about. It's easily the best Mexican I've ever had.

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