Friday night was lovely. Not too hot and a slight breeze. Knowing what I know now about the heat that overcame NYC this weekend, it was pretty much ideal.

But in addition to wonderful weather, we also had a birthday to attend! Nico's! And in Dan and Steve's back yard no less!

So yes, it was pretty much perfect. The only thing that sucked was the restaurant we hit in the midst of it all. We were looking for something quick and easy so we could head back to the back yard and hang. And while Peperoncino on 5th Ave met those specifications, it wasn't all that hot.

The primary issue was this old man waiting on us. He was really pushy and started sending things to the table without asking. Things he of course expected us to pay for. Which was annoying for obvious reasons. But everyone had some filling food and after a bit, we were out of there.

After the meal we came back to the garden for some bubbly and a nice flourless chocolate cake Meena picked up for the occasion. Everyone left full, relaxed and just a touch tipsy. Wonderful evening.

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