A long time ago we had James and D over for dinner at the East Village apartment. And it was pretty terrible. Not the company of course. My meal. I think I came up with it all on the fly and it just ended up a mess. If you're up for a fright, you can see the old mess HERE.

Anyway, this time around, I was convinced it would be different. So I decided I'd make a couple things that I KNEW would be OK and Meena kept it real with a potato salad that while new to us, still felt relatively safe.

I started with a bit of cornbread that had my good old failsafe as the base - jiffy corn muffin mix! That's right. The classic. I added a couple things:
- sour cream
- chorizo
- jalapeƱo

And then I got rockin' on the ribs. Just a bit of a sauce that is similar to the one I've been using lately:
- hoisin
- sesame oil
- maple syrup
- garlic
- soy sauce

I glazed the ribs and baked them off for a couple hours at 300 degrees. The didn't come out as "falling off the bone" tender as they have in the past, but they were still pretty awesome and well received.

Meena made a lovely potato salad that featured:
- vinaigrette
- new potatoes
- bacon
- sour cream
- chives
- salt
- pepper

I think it ended up being a hit. There were a few things that were mildly disappointing, but I'd say that it ended up well. I think next time I'll try the salmon route, but this just felt like it was right for a hot Saturday night in Brooklyn.

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