Last night we were on our way home and just decided ... you know what? It's a good damn night for some Cube 63. It was pretty, it was breezy ... it was Wednesday. So why not?

I just love this place so much. I don't even know why I love it so much. It's not all that crowded when we're there, but man, there's just something about the decor, the people, the food. I love it. And as long as we live here and as long as it's open, we'll be hitting this place on a near weekly basis.

Anyway, we kept it standard. Meena had:
- mexican roll
- lobster tempura roll
- shrimp shumai

Alec had:
- miso soup
- roll combo II

My roll combo had some eel, some tuna and avocado, some spicy salmon or something. I can't remember. And it was definitely more than I should have eaten. I try to do two rolls and some soup when I can. But man, I just felt like I should. I was hungry. So I went with it.

Turns out, I was rewarded. I know they're standard style rolls, but they were fantastic. That's the other thing about Cube 63. I feel like a lot of places will give you really nice "special" rolls and really hose you on the standard stuff. Not these dudes. It's quality start to finish and everywhere in between.

Meena's was delicious and I think she enjoyed every last bite. We negotiated a couple trades between the two plates and I have to agree ... Meena's was pretty awesome.

So yep. Another great night at Cube 63. No surprise there.

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