There isn't much Korean about this pork. Just that I served a couple pork chops over some kimchee. But that's a pretty serious flavor and I'll just go ahead and say that's enough to make this sufficiently Korean in my mind.

Meena was out again last night so I was on my own to do whatever I wanted. I had a couple chops in the fridge and after taking stock of the other stuff in there, I determined this was pretty much the ONLY thing that could have been made.

So here's what went in:
- pork chops (pan seared with sea salt and black pepper)
- kimchee
- pineapple
- nori flakes
- crushed red pepper
- olive oil

That's it. The kimchee was really powerful but the pineapple cooled it down a little. The nori was a little salty and threw in a little green color and flavor. And the pork was pretty subtle. Just a little salt and pepper let the flavor of the meat shine through.

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