I want to just start out by saying thanks to Noelle for taking these photos. I don't know Noelle. I just found her flickr page. And she had great photos of the food we ate on Friday night. So I know it said all rights reserved, Noelle, but I just felt like you'd want the people to see what this stuff looked like. Properly. So thanks, Noelle!

Anyway, Friday night was with Dan and Steve in their hood at this lovely little spot called Tapeo on 5th Ave. I didn't know what to expect from this little tapas joint where the waiters take your orders of like 34 things and don't write any of it down. But everything we asked for came out and it was all VERY good.

I can't remember everything. But here is a bunch of it:
- tilapia with some sort of egg on top
- smoky chicken lettuce wraps
- scallops
- truffled chips
- meat beggars purse
- cheese pierogi
- crab dip
- crab fritters
- paella
- sangria

I don't even know. There was probably some other stuff. We had like ... a million plates. They were everywhere. And everything was awesome. And I sorta can't wait to go back. Honestly, it wasn't even that expensive. And we all ate like kings and queens.

Bravo, Cafe Tapeo. Bravo.

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