Saturday night was another shot at Tapas and our first trip to Vanderbilt Ave. James and D were cruising down to a happy medium spot in Park Slope for a little food and laughter on a really, really nice night.

We found a nice spot outside and we immediately got going with a ton of two important ingredients:
- wine
- little plates of food

Again, I can't really remember everything (see ingredient one on the important list), but here's the gist of what Meena and I had:
- scallops
- skirt steak
- brussels sprouts
- calamari salad
- seared tuna

I don't really remember what James and D had, but I do recall a skirt steak order and a burger.

I think we all had a blast. We even went over to Flatbush Farm later on for some more wine and chatter.

The food was pretty solid and we had tons of fun.

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