Yesterday was a very long day. Good long. All good stuff. Just long.

After being convinced Saturday by James and D that we needed bikes, Meena and I made the trek up to Williamsburg and picked out a pair from the dudes hangin' by the L stop on Bedford. After a couple minutes of testing out bikes on the block, we sped off with a couple beat up old junkers, two locks and a broken seat.

That's right. About halfway into Bed Sty or whatever, all I knew was loads of Hasidic dudes wearing way to heavy coats for August and a seat grinding into my butt.

Anyway. Long day. But we got home (with a new seat and a basket for Meena's bike) and after eating a few bites along the way, we just weren't that hungry. Finally, at the end of the night, we broke down and called in some Cube 63.

Meena had:
- 63 roll
- shrimp shumai

Alec had:
- miso soup
- california roll

And that was that. A day with about 13 or so miles logged on the streets of Brooklyn (we rode everywhere man), sore muscles, new baskets and a world of opportunity now that we have wheels, baby.

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Allison said...

I want cube 63.....now......oh how I crave a volcano roll!!
your way jealous sister