Yeah, we both had a case of the Mundaze. It was terrible. Awful. So what do you do when your day is totally unbearable? Order Zaytoons delivery. Obviously.

In addition to a Zaytoons mix (which was one of the best we've had in recent memory - the pepper and pickles were crisp and the olives were delicate and spicy.), we did a couple sandwiches. Meena had:
- chicken shawarma sandwich

Alec had:
- shish kebab sandwich

I don't know if it was just because we were both so tired and depressed after the day at work but this one was SO good. The shish kebab was grilled to perfection. It was packed with juicy bits of lamb and sweet grilled peppers. It was just AWESOME. Meena's sandwich was killer. Packed with hummus and perfectly cooked chicken.

Thanks for being our shoulder to cry on Zaytoons. We love you.

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