Yeah, get ready, folks. We have a week from hell and we're going to be REALLY busy. We have some event or party or something every night of the week.

No fun.

But we'll persevere and by the end of the week, it'll be time to go home and have some fun holiday time.

So last night I got home a little late and Meena called in the Joya. Meena had:
- spring rolls
- chicken pad thai (with a side of sambal oelek)

Alec had:
- tom yum koong
- pork salad

Delicious. The salad was especially good last night. Really nice vinegar bite and SUPER spicy. Like ... my mouth was on fire last night. And it was awesome.

We'll try to work in a home cooked meal one day this week but I just don't think we're going to have a lot of opportunity. We'll do better Christmas week. Promise!

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