Well, leave it to Dan to just knock it out of the park with a spread of appetizers and nibbles. He truly excels in this medium. He makes stuff that I find myself craving often. And I know not how to make any of it.

I need him to give me some lessons!

Anyway, after my haircut yesterday afternoon, we went over to Park Slope to watch a little American footie and enjoy Dan's culinary wonders.

We had the following:
- spinach balls with horseradish dip
- sweet potato cakes with pomegranate guacamole
- salmon sliders with pomegranate guacamole and pickled jalapeƱo cream

We were also treated to some bleu cheese stuffed olives that were sinister.

Everything was pretty outstanding. I'm such a massive fan of the spinach balls. Dan has been making them for the last few years and they're always gone in a matter of minutes. It's a closely guarded Strassburger family recipe ... but one day ... it will be mine!

Just kidding. Awesome treats, Dan. Thanks for putting your blood, sweat and tears into this one just to make sure we ate like kings and queens during the dwindling days of football.

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