Winter is here and we're eating chili again! Last night Meena was at an event so I came home and got rollin' on some chili. I hadn't made it since last year so I guess my skills were a bit off. I felt like I was wandering around in the dark (and the results might have revealed that), but I think it was probably OK.

Anyway, the following went into the pot:
- red onion
- garlic
- bacon
- cinnamon
- crushed tomatoes
- black beans
- honey
- siracha
- cumin
- sea salt
- black pepper
- green onion
- olive oil

I guess in the end I could have used some more beans. Chili isn't chili without a bunch of beans. The bacon was only there for flavor ... so I guess this was mostly meatless. And I could have probably used some more meat. But this version didn't make me feel as bad about having two bowls.

I also made some croƻtons ... just a bit of peasant bread and some parmesan. Simple. But nice.

So ... not bad. It probably wasn't my best effort to date, but it wasn't bad either. I guess that if this weather keeps up, I'll get a few more chances. And hey ... who knew I'd get a chance to make something homemade this week?!?

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