This one is going to look a lot like the Thailand recap. Well, the food is going to look totally different. But the format is going to be similar. That's all I mean. Lots of photos, not a ton of description. Sorry. I just needed a break. I did take photos of a lot of food while Meena and I were in Indiana for the holiday ... I just wasn't in the mood for perpetual updates.

But we're back!

Everything was pretty awesome. That's for certain. But a couple of things need a bit of a highlight. The following were made by Mom and were massive standouts:
- smoked turkey salad
- asian coleslaw
- broccoli salad
- dried cherry beef stew
- chili cheese egg puff

Dad also knocked it out of the park with:
- brinegar chili
- jalapeno corn bread
- perfectly grilled beef tenderloin

I made some brussels sprouts for Christmas day and everyone seemed to enjoy them. Nothing serious. Just some bacon and honey and oil and stuff.

We also hit some really awesome spots around Indy. We had a great dinner at Puccini's (where I once performed the services of bus boy and salad line dude for a summer) with Grant and Sara. I had a Bar 20 and it made my day for sure. Allison and Meena and I made it down to Yats for some Chili Cheese Etouffee and Jambalaya plates. Man. Why can't NYC have ANYTHING like Yats. If I've missed something and someone knows where I can get a plate of cajun food for $5 bucks anywhere in the Tri-State, please let me know. We also hit Sullivans for some steaks and the University Club for a little fete with friends. So yeah. Some good dining outside of the house as well.

To sum it all up, we had a really nice trip home. Mom made awesome food. Dad made awesome food. We hit great restaurants. We drank a ton of wine. I even made a few things. On the way there, Meena said, "I'm hungry" as we were getting on the plane at LGA. My response was, "Have you ever been hungry in Indy?" The answer is no. Never. Food is a big deal at home and Mom and Dad made sure everything was as it always is ... delicious.

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